Darius J Chuck

[wersja polska]

Hello, I'm Darius. Welcome to my website.

I create projects more or less related to programming.
My work is dedicated, in respect and admiration, to the spirit that lives in the computer.

Here are some cool things I created:

λDNA and LAST – extremely minimal programming languages.
Jevko – a minimal general-purpose syntax.
TAO – cultivating simplicity in software.
Parent project of Jevko, λDNA and others. Also a blog.

I prefer to share my creations for free. However living and creating without money is not possible for me. So I ask companies and people, who want and can, for support. Every symbolic cup of coffee counts!

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See also my: resume, projects, writing.

My social media profiles: LinkedIn, GitHub, Codeberg, Mastodon, Hacker News, Reddit.

Thank you for visiting.

Bonus project: haikomix – hand-drawn haiku-style webcomics!