Darius J Chuck / Portfolio

This is a rough list of some of the projects and work I've been involved with.
This list is not complete and may be updated in the future.

Nauka programowania logo

Nauka programowania (teaching programming)

JDAML logo

JDAML – Jevko Data And Markup Language

haikomix logo

Webcomic experiments

Short haiku-style comic about a fox

fitzJSON logo


fitzJSON introduction screenshot

Cover of the Wizard Book

Meditating on the Wizard Book and language design

Meditating on the Wizard Book and language design screenshot

λDNA logo


λDNA and LAST introduction screenshot

Jevko logo


Jevko compared to XML, S-expressions, JSON

Presentation/interview about Jevko in Polish:

JsonHilo logo


JsonHilo highlighting demo

Work at Standard Notes

TAO logo


TAO blog article screenshot

Work at TomTom Germany

Work at TomTom Polska

Scala Deputy Sheriff Badge 1 Scala Deputy Sheriff Badge 2

A very creative surprise goodbye present from my colleagues. Original work, 3D-printed. A nice touch here is the coat of arms with Scala's spiral logo embedded inside a Sun emblem, n.b. designed by me when I first started in a new Scala team.

Work at Mobica Limited

Work at Samsung Electronics Polska

Internship at University of Edinburgh

screenshot from 2048 the game screenshot from breakout the game screenshot from tetris the game screenshot from pacman the game

Games that I implemented in Links

Master of Engineering Thesis


Gameplay video + mirror

A web application for an early-stage start-up

Bachelor of Engineering Thesis

bachelor's thesis chart: before optimization bachelor's thesis chart: after optimization

Average FPS before my optimizations: ~1.6
Average FPS after my optimizations: ~51.5

Mimus Dei

Gameplay video + mirror